Welcome to Avis

Avis, the preferred car rental partner for SAS EuroBonus

Drive away with 5,500 SAS EuroBonus Extra points

See stunning sites and unforgettable experiences, right on your doorstep. Earn 5,500 points for 5 days or longer and 2,500 points for 2 to 4 days rentals. Enjoy also up to 15% discount.

SAS EuroBonus customer benefits

Enjoy exclusive benefits like discounts & upgrades (and earn up to 1,500 points on every rental) as part of the Avis and EuroBonus preferred partnership.

Avis Preferred: Join the programme

Join Avis Preferred and fast-track up the tiers into Avis Preferred Plus or President’s Club to receive further benefits.

Free upgrades to bigger or better cars

Gold and Diamond EuroBonus customers are entitled to a complimentary upgrade on all rentals, subject to availability.

Terms and Conditions

All the terms and conditions associated with Avis and EuroBonus partnership benefits.

Missing Miles

Make every journey count. Claim your missing miles here.