As a Virgin Flying Club member, you can earn 500 Virgin Points for 1 to 6 day rentals and 1,000 points for 7 to 27 days rentals. Points cannot be earned on rentals longer than 27 days, corporate rentals or long term rentals.

All bookings must be made via this website in order to be awarded the miles

All promotions are subject to availability.
Minimum advance booking period of 24 hours applies.
Virgin Points are valid on all car groups, subject to availability at the time of booking.
Offer restrictions may apply at certain times in certain locations.
Prices vary by season and by Avis location.
The offer may not be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer, other than those stated and valid on this website and is subject to availability.
If any other AWD number is present in a customer’s Avis Preferred profile and this is used in the rental booking then they will not receive the Virgin Points and once booked this cannot be reversed.
Standard Avis Terms and Conditions apply.
If you book via any Avis website or call centre, you will earn a standard 500 Virgin Points and may not receive your partnership benefits.
To take part in any points promotions or any of your Avis and Flying Club benefits, please make sure all reservations are made on this site.
Virgin Points cannot be earned on corporate, staff, contract or tour operator rates or on Avis Preferred Free Weekend rentals or any monthly rentals.
Renters can only claim miles for their own rentals, i.e. only one rental at a time.
Always show your Flying Club card when you collect your vehicle to ensure the correct benefits are applied at the point of collection.
Retro claims of missing points will only generate a standard 500 Virgin Points.
Promotional points or any additional points cannot be retro claimed.
Offers may not be used in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer other than those valid on this website and are subject to availability.